Watch Webcast/Telescope-cast of the Solar Eclipse Tonight!

March 8, 2016–Courtesy of the Exploratorium in San Francisco, you can watch the solar eclipse in Micronesia on a webcast and/or a telescope view. It will begin at 8 pm ET tonight and end at about 1 am tomorrow morning. The URL to access the webcast and the telescope view is:

Updated Program Topic for Feb 17 Meeting

February 17, 2016–Come on out of hibernation after all the snow! We’ve juggled our presentation schedule a bit. Tonight, Ron Henke will give his presentation “Rare Earth–Are we alone?” He’ll question why our Sun, our Solar System, and Earth seem to be unique. We’ve postponed the review of the results of our use of the Sierra Stars Observatory Network to image the Tarantula nebula (in the Southern Hemisphere) to next month. Bart Billard’s Kepler update will now be at the April meeting.

Surf Safe

This Web site is almost always under attack.  That’s not surprising, and it’s also true of almost every Web site on the Internet. The people and programs who do it hope to hurt you, not us. They hope to slip … Continue reading