June 15 Presentation–Astrophotography Without the Telescope?

June 11–Please come out on Wednesday, June 15, 2016, for our monthly club meeting. This month’s talk will be given by Tom Watson. The subject will be “Astrophotography without the telescope: A look at photography using camera and lens.” Tom will discuss lenses, shooting techniques, and post-processing techniques for basic starscape photography! Plenty of photo examples and equipment will be shown.

Watch Webcast/Telescope-cast of the Solar Eclipse Tonight!

March 8, 2016–Courtesy of the Exploratorium in San Francisco, you can watch the solar eclipse in Micronesia on a webcast and/or a telescope view. It will begin at 8 pm ET tonight and end at about 1 am tomorrow morning. The URL to access the webcast and the telescope view is: http://www.exploratorium.edu/eclipse?utm_source=Micronesia+Solar+Eclipse&utm_campaign=Micronesia+Solar+Eclipse&utm_medium=email