Club Officers

President Glenn Faini
Vice President Glenn Holliday
Secretary Bart Billard
Treasurer Tim Plunkett (540)-846-5472


Events Coordinator Glenn Holliday Coordinates club meetings, star party, and outreach events
Star Parties Coordinator Glenn Holliday Star Parties are among the events coordinated by our Events Coordinator. The homepage is updated at noon on the day of a star party to tell you whether the party is on or canceled by weather.
Equipment Coordinator Scott Busby Coordinates the club’s loaner resources: telescopes and cameras for astrophotography.
Public Outreach Glenn Faini Our club president is the first contact point and planning coordinator for organizations requesting RAC to provide astronomy support for public outreach events, including schools, state and local parks, recreation departments, civic organizations, and others.
Scouting Programs Glenn Holliday Coordinator for scouting activities, including scout group attendance at star parties, astronomy merit badge, and training Scout leaders in doing astronomy with youth. Club member James Bingham also serves as an event organizer and instructor for Cub Scouts.
School Programs David Abbou Coordinator for astronomy programs for schools. David is a  NASA Solar System Ambassador for the NASA public outreach program designed to work with motivated volunteers across the nation. These volunteers communicate the excitement of JPL’s space exploration missions and information about recent discoveries to people in their local communities.
Beginner Coordinator Jerry Hubbell The coordinator is the first point of contact in assisting beginners in an introduction to astronomy. At meetings and at star parties, the club provides introductory instruction on the tools, resources, and techniques needed to get started in learning the sky. This includes books, star charts, optical aids, and how to find night sky objects.
Web Administrator Don Clark Primary administrator for the club’s website, internet service provider (ISP)  and club Gmail accounts.
StarGazer Editor Linda Billard Editor of our club newsletter, the StarGazer. The club newsletter is a quarterly electronic publication featuring articles on member activities, club news, and astronomy photos. It also includes feature articles on topics of interest to amateur astronomers. Current and prior issues can be accessed from the Stargazer page.
Yahoo!Groups Administrator Scott Busby Administers rac_group, the club’s Yahoo Group. The group includes an email distribution list, a club calendar, and a collection of astronomy-related educational files. Contact administrator if you want to be added to our Yahoo group.
Astrophotography, Astrometry & Photometry Jerry Hubbell Point of contact for people interested in getting into astrophotography.