In addition to the traditional badges to explore skills and interests, Girl Scouts uses a series of Journeys to teach leadership at each age level.  Each Girl Scout troop can work on one or all of

  • It’s Your Planet – Love It
  • It’s Your World – Change It
  • It’s Your Story – Tell It

There are few explicit opportunities to use astronomy to further these journeys. The few I have found are

It’s Your Planet is a logical place to look at our the stars, and how your planet relates to the rest of the universe.  In this journey, Daisies learn about nature. The other age levels could enjoy visiting a star party on the side.

Because the point of the Journeys is to teach leadership, there are several community projects where a Girl Scout gets to practice leadership in a team.  girl with an interest in astronomy could choose an astronomy-related project here.

Contact RAC if you would like to discuss the Journeys with our astronomers.

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